Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are your logos self-made or developed by respective companies?
A: More than 80% of logos are taken from the respective trademark owners, publishing houses or creative bureaus, who promotes the brand. The rest are copied with maximum precision and quality.

Q: How could I download the whole collection by FTP?
A: There's no way. It's available on-line and never will be moved to another place.

Q: May I make your collection available on my own site?
A: No way. Mirroring is not permitted. Nevertheless you may feel free to put a link to my site.

Q: You probably earned much on this?
A: Not a dime, just expenses.

Q: I've got some logos you don't have. Can we make a trade?
A: Trade is possible when there's something to trade. I don't have one. I just give away everything. You may cooperate sending your logos to me.

Q: Ahaaa... I found a buggy logo!
A: Good boy! I must have missed it. Say where's this logo and what is the bug. Thanks for cooperation!

Q: How does the search system work?
A: The search system looks for your inquiry in the names of logos and their commentaries, which are both in Russian and English. E.g. for 'audi' inquiry the search system will find not only the logo of AUDI automobile company, but also the producers of audio-video items. This is why, you don't have to waste your time writing full description of the inquiry, just use part of the word and you'll widen the search by that.

Q: Why Adobe Illustrator used as a standard? There also CorelDRAW and FreeHand?..
A: CorelDRAW - it's a long and dull story, which'll take about 5 years of my life… You won't be able to use CorelDRAW format when working, say, with QuarkXPress, PageMaker and other DTP programs. You'll have to convert your original file into PostScript, for example. FreeHand, for instance, is a good program, but it is less known here, than, Adobe Illustrator. And why should we suffer, if Al is the most widely-spread format? I would appreciate if you could send me the program, which is not familiar with Al… Don't suggest NotePad or Simple Text.:-)